Als Eco is a contemporary music ensemble led by Antonio Correa and Eduardo Caicedo. The ensemble's main concern is to perform music that does not make reference to the unbreakable barrier between the composer and its audience that so many recent compositions have managed to build. 

Als Eco has premiered in Colombia Simeon ten Holt's Canto Ostinato, Lemniscaat, and Incantatie IV, Louis Andriessen's Workers Union, Philip Glass' 1+1, Two Pages, Music in Contrary Motion, and Music in Similar Motion, Michael Gordon's XY, Jacob TV 's Off and On Situation Blues, David Lang's Sweet Air, and Marc Mellits', Disciples of Gouda, Prime, Tom, Tight Sweater and selections from his Paranoid Cheese, Evan Ziporyn's Where was I?, and works by the Wandelweiser composers collective.

Als Eco is:

Carlos Añez:flute
Yesid Fonseca: clarinet
Pablo Muñoz Barragán: saxophones
Natalia Bustamante: saxophones
Juan Francisco Contreras: saxophones
Natalia Martínez Medina: voice
Adriana Poveda: violin
Osiris Lobo: cello
Julián Sarmiento: double bass
Nicolás Ramírez: electric guitar
Daniela Sicilia: piano
Daniel Muñoz Barragán: piano/synthesizers
Antonio Correa: piano/synthesizers
Eduardo Caicedo: percussion
Diego Franco: sound engineer, electronics