FIRN is snow which survived at least one ablation period and which is formed when snow crystals melt into ice through recurring thawing and freezing. FIRN is also a project led by choreographer Carina Otte, where the sounds are composed and performed by Natalia Bustamante.

The sounds come mostly from Bustamante's ice sculptures, which hold speakers and microphones inside. The modulation of the sound is done both electronically (by manipulating this feedback system) and physically (by manipulating the ice itself as matter).

Concept and Choreography: Carina Otte

Co-Choreographie and performance: Justiina Arjanmaa, Selma Hopsu, Petra Kauppila, Roosa Kääriäinen, Petronella Lehtiniemi, Kirsi Määttälä, Suvi Palonen, Rianna Rintamäki, Wilma Seppälä, Maiju Tiuraniemi, Suvi Tuominen

Sound composition and ice objects: Natalia Bustamante

Light Design: Severin Beyer

Technical Support & Implementation: Maximilian Stelzl, Nikola Pieper, Niko Blankenstein, Fabian Bleisch, Jan Roemer
Photos Performance Uferstudios Berlin/Germany: Diethild Meier
Photos Performance Kiiso Theatre Outokumpu/Finland: Jussi Ulkuniemi

Kiisu Theater, Outokumpu, Finland. September 2016.

Uferstudios, Berlin. October 2016